Aug 28 2014

Powerful, Durable, Versatile Rotary Tool

Posted by havana1 in Tools

A Powerful And Versatile Rotary Tool

The Dremel 4000 is a great little tool that does an awesome job at keeping up with the work load. It is very versatile. No major complaints as of yet. The tool is surprisingly heavy and is pretty big. It makes it hard to do some of the finer projects I was wanting to do because it’s weight and size makes it awkward to handle. I recommend getting the workstation/drill press to hold the tool while you use the flex shaft attachment. You can use the flex shaft without mounting the tool, but it gets in the way and moves around on the bench while working.

Dremel 4000

The only thing I did notice is when the handle attachment is on the unit then it seems to get rather warm and the hot air tends to leak out and blow on your hand which can get pretty hot. My wife enjoys it almost as much as I do.