Aug 28 2014

Picking a Bankers Lamp for my Office

Posted by havana1 in Office

A Bankers Lamp for my Office

I needed a lamp for my office so had a look around at what was on offer. I decided I would go for a bankers lamp. I pick the Normande Lighting BL1-103 Bankers lamp and in my opinion its a great bankers lamp. I have it in my office and receive nothing but compliments on it.

Normande Lighting BL1-103

It uses a 60 watt bulb so you have plenty of light to work with. It looks elegant on my desk and gives off just the right amount of light. Definitely worth the money, and looks like you paid a lot more for it.

Aug 27 2014

Travel Iron for a Motor Convention

Posted by havana1 in Conventions

A Travel Iron Beyond my Expectations

I recently had to travel to a motor convention, I love motors. And I wanted to make sure I would be as smart as could be. So I thought I would pack a Travel Iron since some motels don’t have the best quality irons. Hamilton Beach 10092 Travel IronI bought the Hamilton Beach 10092 Travel Iron. I absolutley love this iron. It is small and has a bag-like case that the iron goes in. It works well and heats up quickly. It does a much better job than my full size iron. And I ended up looking really smart.